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Ms. Ann lost her daughter in a tragic accident a few years ago, leaving her the sole caregiver for her young grandson. Only a few months later she was downsized out of her company. For months her and Jamie lived on insurance while she frantically searched for a new position. Although she was a skilled professional with years of experience, she found that actually worked against her and before long she found herself struggling to keep her little family of 2 housed and fed. "I've never been able to earn what I used to. I miss putting on a suit and going to work every morning, but I also need to be here in the afternoon to help Jamie with homework and cook dinner. Thank God for Bridge to Hope. We get real food and can eat really well. I'm proud of the meals I put on the table. I don't know how we would make it without the meats and vegetables we get from the pantry. Jamie gets all his school supplies, and we know they are there to help us with whatever we need." A.Z.